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Trained by James Beattie Ltd in the early 1970’s on the Soft Furnishings department and then as the deputy department manager of Soft Furnishings & Linens at the Dudley store, the foundations of providing excellent customer service and product knowledge were laid.

Further experience in the trade was developed as the department manager of the Soft Furnishing department at the House of Fraser (Rackhams).

A further ten years as a sales representative for Widow Furnishings Division selling drapery hardware to soft furnishing retailers, commercial workrooms and contract curtain fitters gave the opportunity to experience many solutions to customer’s window drapery needs.

La fenêtre

Our aim is total customer satisfaction before you pay a penny.

  • We offer 1000’s of fabric and blind choices from our range of patterns from leading fabric and blind manufacturers delivered to your door.
  • Our fabric choices are complimented by a wide range of curtain tracks, rails and poles from industry leading brands that you do not always find in typical curtain retailers.
  • Cord operated bay window tracks, electric rails, and powered blinds are available for that extra touch of luxury.

    A free measuring, estimating and pattern loan service is available.

La fenetre

 Why come to us ?

Value for money

We do not have the associated overheads of commercial premises so we can afford to operate on smaller margins and pass on savings to the customer.

The person who measures is the person who fits

Put simply, with many retailers the opportunity for error is compounded by the number of people involved in the process. Often retailers contract out the fitting to a third party who was not the measurer.


We do not invest in rolls of stock, therefore we invest in pattern books and samples so we can offer a wider range of alternatives than many other retailers.


Our aim is to offer a very personalised service to help you add colour and style to your home. Our bespoke measuring, estimating and fitting service means we come to you to ensure that perfect fit every time

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At La fenêtre we supply high quality products, professionally made, for both domestic and commercial clients all over the Midlands.

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